Satisfying your music groove

We’ve gone through a music revolution that you may not even have realized you were a part of, but the team at East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) in Hamilton know it happened. In fact, they’ve ensured that they have the latest products and technology so they have exactly what … [Read more...]

Bose Wave Radio – Elegantly simple, yet rich, room filling sound

If you’re looking for the Bose Wave Radio, look no further than East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.). With its elegant design, the Bose Wave Radio is a small music system that fits neatly in any room, but don’t let its small size fool you. It’s known for its big sound and the wave … [Read more...]

Watching the Super Bowl – or any visual spectacular

On February 1, 2015, large chunks of the world’s population will stop all meaningful activity to watch the visual pomp and splendour of the Super Bowl – the NFL’s annual dotage on all things commercial and yes, there’s also supposed to be a football game, too. All the staff … [Read more...]

Shaping sound and images

Before you spend a lot of money on products that might not work for your home, let East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.) design a system customized for your space. Whether you’re planning a home theatre installation or an entire home integration system, E.H.R. can help. By … [Read more...]

HEOS – a new Wi-Fi system for your consideration

Discerning customers of East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.) may be just as excited as most E.H.R. employees that there is another incredible choice for wireless, total in-home entertainment. The new “player”? HEOS. Developed and designed as a complete, compact home … [Read more...]

The buzz behind 4K

4K has been the hottest buzz word in the tech world for a while now and it’s changed the way we think of image quality. As with any new technology, as more manufactures start offering more products, it becomes mainstream which then push the prices come down. Buying a new … [Read more...]

What’s on your holiday wish list?

Have you been good this year? Santa may not be able to bring you everything on your Christmas list, but East Hamilton Radio can help by offering incredible prices, exceptional selection, and knowledgeable staff to answer all your questions. Have you ever wondered what’s … [Read more...]

Home automation made easy with RTI

You  may think that home automation is far too complicated to incorporate into your home, but you may be surprised at how simple we can make any system to use. By programming your ISO device , programming your home or remote control – you can control everything with the … [Read more...]

Why you should consider an in-home consultation

Before you spend a lot of money on products that might not work for your home, let us design a system customized for your space. Whether you’re planning a home theater installed or an entire home integration system, East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) can help. By inviting us … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Bose Zone at East Hamilton Radio

Since 1964, Bose has been dedicated to better sound through research and innovation. When it comes to speakers, Bose is a top performer.  From home theaters speakers, noise cancelling headphones, wi-fi music systems, and Blue Tooth speakers, Bose has something for every … [Read more...]