Holiday gift ideas for mom

Tis the season for gift giving, so what are you planning on buying your mom this year! She’s there to take care of you when you’re sick, she helps you when you need a hand, and she loves you unconditionally, so who better to spoil than mom! Here are a few gift ideas to … [Read more...]

Watt by watt, energy waste adds up

The average Canadian home has between 20 to 40 consumer electronic devices, not including appliances and lighting.  Think about the televisions, game consoles, entertainment systems, laptops, home computers and monitors and printers in your home, and don’t forget your … [Read more...]

Name that tune

Attention all music lovers. Do you have that favourite tune in mind? Come into EHR’s Home  Audio or Custom Pro Department and challenge our team of experts! If we can’t play a demo back for you of your favourite tune in mind, you’ll instantly win a $25 EHR Gift card to … [Read more...]

Finding the right fit for your ears

In ear headphones, in ear monitors, earbuds, earphones, ear canal headphones – whatever you want to call them, these earphones are designed to fit into and seal the ear canal, blocking significant outside noise.  Not only is the sound very good, they also help to ensure safe … [Read more...]

Adventure proof speakers

If you're an adventurer, you need robust, light weight equipment that can sustain the elements. That's where ultra portable audio speakers become an essential part of your camping gear or travel essentials. Braven 600 Portable Wireless Speaker This ultra portable high … [Read more...]

It’s a wireless Bluetooth world

We’re all familiar with Bluetooth, when it comes to driving hands-free, but do you know what other gadgets feature Bluetooth? From portable audio products to headphones and wireless streaming, Bluetooth has revolutionized the way we work and play. How does it … [Read more...]

Mini, portable entertainment systems

Aside from being a portable piece of high tech hardware that can store thousands of songs, an MP3 player or iPod has also changed the way we listen to music at home. Docking to a portable, mini entertainment system is a great way to enjoy your tunes. At East Hamilton Radio … [Read more...]

Bluetooth technology makes driving safer

Since the implementation of Bill 118 by the Ontario Government, it is illegal to speak on a wireless hand-held device while operating a motor vehicle in Ontario. It’s also the law in several other provinces and states. To avoid a hefty ticket and to keep your passengers … [Read more...]

Entertainment on the water

You don’t need to leave your music and videos behind when heading out for a day on the water. At East Hamilton Radio, we can make your boat ready for entertaining. The marine specialists can come to your dock or marina bay or boats can be accommodated at E.H.R.’s … [Read more...]

Ferrari by Logic3

Never underestimate the power of brand recognition. A reputable brand or name of a product can instill awe and longing, especially with a name like Ferrari. If you ask some diehard Audioholics, they’ll say the Ferrari headphones by Logic3 are a dream come true. Logic3 has … [Read more...]