HDR – will you – and your TV be ready?

Some of the younger enthusiastic yet professional employees at East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.), smile and nod knowingly when they hear some “mature” customers reminisce when the big change in television technology was when colour televisions were introduced. It seems like you … [Read more...]

Bendable televisions – is this what it’s come down to?

Come mid-November every year, much like overly-caffeinated kids, the buyers at East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.)  start counting down the number of sleeps until they attend the single largest electronics show CES in Las Vegas. Who could possibly blame them? After all, this one … [Read more...]

Compact sound systems deliver full, rich sound

While East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.) recognizes that technology has made some things in the electronics world smaller, and more compressed in some instance, the end result – sound – is still larger than life. The big difference? It can be delivered in much smaller, more … [Read more...]

Consider a high-end digital music experience

While the good people at East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.) applaud the return to cleaner, truer and even sound with greater warmth and depth via the upswing in popularity of turntables, they also recognize that other things in households have also evolved. Specifically space – … [Read more...]

Time to make the switch…

After the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this January, electronic buyers the world over, including those from East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.) became genuinely excited. While 4K televisions and the technology has been around for a few years now, major … [Read more...]

Winter is here – Is your man cave ready?

As days get shorter and nights get longer, our natural instinct to prepare for winter kicks into high gear, but have no fear. The end of summer isn’t all bad. Just think of Superman – he has his Fortress of Solitude. Batman has his Bat Cave. Spiderman has his web. And you? … [Read more...]

Calling all music lovers

We're hosting a Music Lovers 3 Day Event! Come trade in your old stereo equipment and receive up to $300 towards an upgrade. Upgrade your audio and Pay NOTHING for up to 1 year + no fees! Join us for our annual free turntable tune-up from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 … [Read more...]

Dream home theaters

We may not be able to afford some of these amazing lavish home theaters, but it's fun to dream! If money was no object and you had a room to devote to creating a dream theater, which style would you choose? Classic cinema: Featuring a snack counter, popcorn popper and … [Read more...]

Have you joined the cord cutting revolution?

The term "cutting the cord" is used for anyone who cancels their cable or satellite subscription in favour of alternative options such as streaming video services and more. As we mentioned in our previous blog post "Traditional pay TV subscriptions drop in Canada", the … [Read more...]

Help reduce eye strain from copious amounts of screen time

Even before our lives revolved around technology, we suffered from eye strain from reading books, but screen time at work, school and home has made complaints of eye strain common place. Although playing copious amounts of video games, using a tablet, or watching TV … [Read more...]