Protecting your ride

Cars get stolen every day and if you’ve ever been the victim of an auto theft, you know what a hassle and inconvenience it can be.  First you have to fill out police reports and then you need to deal with your insurance company. Then you need to get a rental car or call in … [Read more...]

The best winter feature for your vehicle

We’ve all heard that snow tires are a must in the winter, but what other features can you add to your vehicle to enhance your winter driving comfort and safety? Seat heaters If you don’t have a vehicle that came with factory installed heated seats, don’t panic. Easily … [Read more...]

Start your vehicle the convenient way

Imagine a cold and snowy Monday morning – your car is parked in the driveway and it’s covered with a sheet of ice. Now imagine pushing a button to start your car from your kitchen while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Fifteen minutes later when you’re ready to leave for work, … [Read more...]

Making holiday road trips pester free

With the technology we have available to us these days, many of us find it difficult to leave our audio, video and gaming consoles behind when we travel during the holidays. But it is also because of this technology that we don’t have to do that anymore. Gone are the days … [Read more...]