Getting a start on things…

East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.) has been a popular choice with customers from near and far for years. Striving to bring you the best in audio visual and technology solutions for your home, office, shop, car or even your boat or RV, if there is a way to provide you with … [Read more...]

Winter is coming – is your car ready?

When the days grow shorter and the light dwindles, its inevitable cold and snowy mornings will follow. Winter is coming – is your car ready? Instead of trudging through the snow to start your car to help defrost your frozen windshield, why not opt to add a remote car … [Read more...]

The best winter upgrades for your vehicle

Snow tires are extremely common, but there are other features you can add to your car to upgrade your vehicle for winter driving comfort. Not only will they keep you safe driving in harsh winter conditions, they’ll keep you warm and cozy. Seat heaters If you don’t have … [Read more...]

What to choose when upgrading your car’s audio system

A big booming bass system isn’t necessarily what a car audio system is all about. Improving on the standard equipment will enhance sound with upgraded speakers and a receiver. Adding a multi channel amplifier, replacing the front and rear speakers and adding an in-dash CD … [Read more...]

Road trip season is upon us

With the technology we have available to us these days, many of us find it difficult to leave our audio, video and gaming consoles behind when we go on a spring road trip. But it is also because of this technology that we don’t have to do that anymore. Gone are the days … [Read more...]

Turn up the audio quality in your vehicle

Did you know you can enjoy the same sound quality in your car that your home audio system pumps out? Whether you buy a brand new vehicle that boasts an amazing stereo system or an older vehicle that comes with a stock audio system – both types of vehicles can benefit from … [Read more...]

Keep your hands on the wheel

Why do people insist on doing something that they know is dangerous? Recent studies have shown that driving a car while texting is six times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. We all know that drinking and driving is unacceptable, so why do so many people text … [Read more...]

The history of car audio systems

Can you imagine driving without listening to music? Whether you listen to a CD, the radio or music through your MP3 player or Ipod, car stereos have come a long way. Let’s look back at some of the advancements in car radios. First commercial in-car radio The first … [Read more...]

Bluetooth technology makes driving safer

Since the implementation of Bill 118 by the Ontario Government, it is illegal to speak on a wireless hand-held device while operating a motor vehicle in Ontario. It’s also the law in several other provinces and states. To avoid a hefty ticket and to keep your passengers … [Read more...]

Listen to your car

You can enjoy the same sound quality in your car that your home audio system pumps out but not from the stock system provided by the auto manufacturer. A custom system elevates the sound from the drab stock system and cranks it up to high end quality. It’s possible to … [Read more...]