The evolution of Bose Sound Touch technology

East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) in Hamilton is always looking for the latest and greatest products to offer customers. That’s why the experienced and qualified teams are constantly staying on top of the latest industry trends and products. Technology is continuously evolving … [Read more...]

Improving the sound of your TV

You use to be able to look at a TV and instantly pinpoint where the built-in speaker were located, but according to East Hamilton Radio in Hamilton, as TVs evolved to offer better picture and thinner units, the sound quality began to suffer. While lots of people are … [Read more...]

Come and be blown away by E.H.R.’s showroom experience

What’s the difference between a box store and an independent retailer? Well for starters, big box stores regularly have a hard time finding and retaining friendly staff.  Product knowledge is another huge difference. Imagine walking into your local cookie cutter box store … [Read more...]

Listen before you buy your next pair of headphones

When it comes to buying headphones, it can be pretty difficult to determine style and fit – especially if you’re shopping where you can’t try anything on or even look at the products without all the packaging. That’s what makes East Hamilton Radio’s (E.H.R.) Headphone … [Read more...]

The benefit of shopping with tech savvy experienced sales staff

When shopping, we have all felt a growing frustration when we’ve been made to wait or simply ignored in a store. It can become even worse when a staff member, who engages with us doesn’t have the product knowledge and answers we’re looking for. This scenario is becoming more … [Read more...]

Upgrade your RVs entertainment value

The open road awaits, but before you get behind the wheel this summer, make sure your RV is fully updated to meet all your entertainment needs. While new RVs come equipped with a standard system, it may not be enough for your family’s entertainment needs. In fact, most new … [Read more...]

Gifts to give your Dad this Father’s Day

Most Dads love gadgets and electronics. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, visit East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) Radio to find the perfect gift for your Dad. Here are some gift ideas that your Dad will love! Visit the Vinyl Zone New to E.H.R. is the Vinyl Zone. Offering … [Read more...]

Update your marine entertainment system

East Hamilton Radio’s (E.H.R.) reputation as car audio experts is extremely well known, but did you know that they offer exceptional installation services for boats and yachts?  The marine specialists at E.H.R. can do a complete custom install on your boat in their fully … [Read more...]

Introducing the new Vinyl Zone at East Hamilton Radio

As vinyl continuous to stage a comeback, more and more people are embracing and purchasing records. In fact, market research shows that more vinyl records are being purchased than CDs. That’s why East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) is busy renovating one of their sound rooms to … [Read more...]

Curved TVs aren’t just a passing fade – they’re here to stay

The buzz around curved TVs has continued to gain in popularity, and many disbelievers are now realizing that the technology is here to stay. So what are the advantages to a curved TV? As you go about your day, you don’t perceive the world around you as a “flat” view. Your … [Read more...]