Happy 85th Birthday East Hamilton Radio

birthdayIn the world of retail, independent retailers are facing a very competitive market from big box stores and large chain retailers. In fact, many independent retailers end up disappearing because they can’t sustain a competitive edge or entice customers to walk through their doors, but East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) has survived and flourished. This year, E.H.R. is celebrating 85 year in business at 1225 Barton Street in Hamilton, Ontario.

To celebrate, E.H.R is showcasing birthday sale prices with electronic enthusiasts from their prominent Barton and Kenilworth location. With each purchase over $99, you get to burst a balloon and add additional savings to the already low birthday sale prices. Each and every balloon contains a discount and you even have the opportunity to win your purchase for free. As an independent retailer, this is E.H.R.’s way of saying thank you to all those customers who have supported them for the past eight decades.

This year, E.H.R. will be hosting seminar events to educate customers on various products and services available at the store like networking and music streaming. As well, selected vendors will be featured to profile products.

So come celebrate! Join the party, do some shopping and pop a balloon.

To learn more about E.H.R.’s birthday celebration, visit E.H.R. at 1325 Barton Street E. in Hamilton or visit www.easthamiltonradio.on.ca. Having served the Greater Hamilton area’s electronic store needs for 84 years, they have the experience to help you.