Bose Wave Radio – Elegantly simple, yet rich, room filling sound

bosewaveradioIf you’re looking for the Bose Wave Radio, look no further than East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.). With its elegant design, the Bose Wave Radio is a small music system that fits neatly in any room, but don’t let its small size fool you. It’s known for its big sound and the wave guide technology fills the room with amazing sound.

With the Wave Radio, set up is simple – just plug it in and you’re ready to list. There aren’t any big speakers or wires and the proprietary Bose technology automatically makes the adjustment needs for high-performance audio, so you can enjoy the performance of a big, multi-component stereo without the complicated set-up or multiple controls.

The advanced FM/AM tuners delivers exceptionally clear radio reception and song and station information is displayed on the large visual display. The easy to ready display also has adjustable brightness and automatic nighttime dimming.

Bose Wave Music System IV

Not only does the system include a CD player and an AM/FM radio tuner, the Bose Wave Music System IV also has an input in the back to hook up to other music sources like your smart phone. Regular CDs or MP3 CDs load conveniently in the front and the touch-top controls are completely invisible, enhancing the sleek design. The slim infrared remote control allows you to control all system functions from anywhere in the room.

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

With the SoundTouch technology, you can enjoy your music by wirelessly streaming through your favourite streaming music service, by Internet radio stations or your own music library. The SoundTouch app also allows you to control your music with your smart phone or tablet. This model also has a CD player and AM/FM radio tuner.

E.H.R has been servicing the Greater Hamilton area’s electronic store needs for 84 years. For more information about the Bose® Wave® music system, visit E.H.R. at 1325 Barton Street E. in Hamilton or visit

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