The benefit of shopping with tech savvy experienced sales staff

When shopping, we have all felt a growing frustration when we’ve been made to wait or simply ignored in a store. It can become even worse when a staff member, who engages with us doesn’t have the product knowledge and answers we’re looking for. This scenario is becoming more and more common, but it’s especially true for electronic retailers. Retail studies have shown customers are more likely to reject bad service and go visit a competing store that offers the same products and prices.

When it comes to customer service, independent retailers have a noticeable advantage to their big box competitors. Stepping outside of the cookie cutter product displays and customer service scripts, independent retailers have more product knowledge, exceptional customer service and products on display that are plugged in the showcase what they offer. This is certainly true for East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.), where customer service and product presentation is the number one focus.

As an electronic retailer, the experienced and educated staff at E.H.R. are constantly learning and familiarizing themselves with new products. Weekly product training meetings, formal product training from suppliers, and visiting electronic shows, are a few ways they stay on top of the rapid changes in technology.

If you’re looking for something a little more complex than a theater in a box, E.H.R.’s sound and audio experts can help you make the right choices be evaluated the space you have and the products available. Not only can they recommend individual components, you can fully experience them and compare them with other brands and models.  And any questions that come up will be answered right away! Why shop anywhere else?