Streaming music – get what you want – when you want; for a price

streamingFor more than 80 years now, East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) has been a fixture in the Golden Horseshoe as a knowledgeable and professional retailer of audio and visual solutions. Eighty four years as a go-to resource is a tremendous record – especially these days when it seems every 10 minutes or so, the latest and greatest “something” comes along.

The same can be said for tastes in music: classical to metal; pop to rap; and, country to gospel. Some endure.

How do you “get” your music? Used to be simple enough. You’d listen to the radio, watch television and then decide which record, cassette or even CD you wanted to buy.

While vinyl records are becoming hip (what goes around, comes around – literally), radio and television still act as a filtered delivery system. There are new players on the block. At one time, peer-to-peer sharing and downloading was the way to go, but then lawyers got involved. iTunes stepped in and offered a similar service to illegal services – but they charged users for downloading each tune – or album – and this appeased almost everyone. Users felt a little short-changed – mainly because many had never been inside a “bricks and mortar” record store – and had to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 – or more for an album.

Disillusioned, some entrepreneurs saw an opportunity –and started “peer-to-peer” music sharing and downloading – the 20th century update of an alternate music source, similar to pirate radio in 1966.

Then individuals started offering streaming music – free of charge. Pandora is the grandfather of them all, coming along in 2000. Through a unique and powerful algorithm, you went online and basically, with a few keystrokes, start to receive unique playlists. Interestingly enough, this particular service is now blocked in Canada – unless you use a VPN.

Other streaming sites are available. Present favourites include Deezer which has an inventory/database of 30 million tunes, Spotify and Beats Music. Nowadays, the original business model has evolved into a pay wall, with monthly subscriptions.

If music streaming interests you and you’d like to listen on more than your smartphone, then come in to East Hamilton Radio and hear and see the hardware options E.H.R. can show you. Located at 1325 Barton Street East in Hamilton. Call 905-549-3581.