Sounds to bring your back yard to life

speakerWith the final vestiges of this past brutal winter now but a blip in the proverbial rear-view mirror, East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.), would like to invite you to come down to their showroom and see for yourself how you turn your back yard into your personal oasis with a range of outdoor-compatible speakers that will create whatever ambience you require – for a pool party or a candlelit dinner on your patio with great food, refreshments – and best friends.

How do you choose the right speakers for your backyard? Come visit E.H.R., your in and out of home electronics experts and they’ll be ready, willing and able to help. Their expert staff can answer all your questions and help you determine which speakers are the best for you. In fact, at this time, E.H.R. has 32 different speakers they can show you. Something for every garden – regardless of its design, every scenario – and more importantly, for every budget.

For example, consider Paradigm rock speakers (monitors). Perfect for three season outdoor use, these “rock-like” high performance single speakers provide two channels of left and right sound outdoors. These monitors are ideal in small outdoor areas less suited to a stereo pair of speakers or where a single speaker is preferred. In large, or unusually shaped areas, multiple rock speakers can be used to eliminate sound imbalances.

Sonance is another brand of rock speakers that are more durable than other brands. These amazing performance speakers are corrosion-free and weather-resistant. They can withstand exposure to UV, high heat, wind, rain, snow, and splashing pool water. Available in two sizes and two colours to suit your landscaping.

Whether you’re camping, at the cottage or hanging out by the pool, you no longer need to worry about listening to your music. Gone are the days of speakers that had to be carefully placed, well out of the splash zone to ensure they stayed dry. Today, there are a wide range of outdoor speakers to choose from.

Ready to convert your patio or pool area into that oasis you’ve always dreamed of, then you have to consider East Hamilton Radio located at 1325 Barton Street East in Hamilton. Call 905-549-3581 – come by and hear what all the excitement is about!