Sonos network speakers – for the life in your home!

sonosThe audio experts at East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) are well aware that when it comes to networking music from various sources within your home you have many viable options.

A favourite system these days, Sonos, is available from E.H.R. If you have ever wanted to listen to music in every room in your house, from various sources, Sonos can sort things out relatively seamlessly.

It’s too complicated and too expensive to try and run cables when there is a simple and better way of doing things. Sonos is wireless and will work in any room in the house. Sonos works equally well with other wireless devices – including Apple products such as all models of iPhone and iPad tablet. Furthermore for even greater flexibility, any smartphone or tablet which runs on the Android operating system is compatible. The Sonos solution require no wiring, cabling, keypads or hours spent on installation.

All you need to do to get started is purchase a Sonos Multiroom Non-Amplified player.

Do you want to listen to your music in more than one room? Do you want a system that is simple to use, easy to set up and is also cost effective? That is manufactured by a U.S. company and looks as good as it sounds?

On the simplest level, Sonos is a very easy way to get music from A to B – wirelessly. With the amplifier/controller above, all you need do is add a speaker into every room or are you want to hear your music collection. That’s all it takes to listen to all your CD collection, any and all downloads of MP3 files – or even your favourite podcast, internet radio stations and streaming services. You may, of course use your smartphone as a resource of material for your system!

With Sonos, set up is simple and intuitive. Want to listen to sports scores and discussion while in the shower? Catch up with stock market openings overseas while eating breakfast in the kitchen? How about waking up in your bedroom to the morning’s news and weather report?

The choices are yours. Come in today to East Hamilton Radio and hear and see for yourself why Sonos is the leader in home entertainment networked technology. Located at 1325 Barton Street East in Hamilton. Call 905-549-3581.