Snap, crackle and pop – the return to pure sound via vinyl

vinylUp until recently, only real audiophiles would come into East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.), to see the turntables available.

While not that many years ago, listening to music or the spoken word in the comfort of your home was done by placing a seven inch or 12-inch piece of pressed vinyl (they were called “records”) onto a turntable. For many “millennials”, for example, their experience with vinyl records and turntables has likely been restricted to attending an event in a club where a hipster disc (that’s what records were once referred to) jockey would control the mood of a crowd of individuals, ready to be influenced by the sounds of the day.

Today, believe it or not, vinyl is staging a comeback and more people are embracing the pure sounds that only vinyl can provide. Further, the better the turntable, the more accurate manner the sound is presented – either through speakers or headphones.

Further, the audio experts at E.H.R. will soon tell you that on the hardware end, the number of companies manufacturing turntables, tone arms, cartridges, phono stages, and accessories has never been higher. But is this “growth” only being fueled by audiophiles who refuse to let the format die and are willing to spend thousands to dig out every last bit of music from the grooves of their favorite records? Or is it possible that a new generation of listeners weaned on MP3s, who, having already spent hundreds on a pair of headphones and even more on a smartphone, are suddenly curious to discover if music can sound better? The definite renewed interest in vinyl combined with the availability of HD digital downloads (from vinyl recordings) is an excellent development for the audio industry. Now, more people are finding the subtleties and nuances that were unattainable from MP3 files.

The once ubiquitous turntable may never regain its position as the number one method for music playback but it’s clear that a new generation of music listeners is starting to realize that while one should never trust anyone over 30, their parents may not have been deaf after all!

Discover a whole new world of clear and true sound with the wide selection of turntables available at E.H.R. from manufacturers such as TEC, Denon, Pro-Ject and audio-technica.

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