Now your television has curves!

television_curvedLet’s be perfectly clear: while East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.), is an innovative, forward-thinking retailer of in-home technology, there is one recent development they have yet to completely jump upon the bandwagon. We’re talking, specifically, about curved screen televisions.

Spoiler alert. Naturally, if this is something you wish to put into your home theatre, the professionals at E.H.R. will be quite happy to accommodate your request. One thing that you may have to consider is the actual screen size of this possible investment.

You see curved screens theoretically provide a larger field of view and a more “immersive” visual experience. To really get those benefits, you would need a massive 100-inch screen – and you’d need to be sitting close to it. While that may, of course, provide you with a more cinematic experience, it would be like going to your local movie house, paying $15 for your ticket – and then sit in the front row!

Do you really want a TV that huge? Do you really want to sit that close? Perhaps.

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, TCL, the third largest manufacturer of televisions in the world wowed the crowds with a 110-inch curved 4K TV. This is a unit that will not come to market since it was only produced to one-up Samsung!

The biggest issue is the precise viewing angle they require. To get the “perfect” image, you need to be directly in front of the curved TV. If you’re off to the side, that curved display just won’t look right. What if you have other family members or friends watching the curved TV with you? Curved TVs aren’t great for a larger number of people.

To deal with this problem, Samsung and LG both demonstrated “flexible” TVs at CES 2014. Press a button on the TV remote and it will transform between a flat screen and a curved screen!

If you consider yourself to be a leader when it comes to in-home electronics, then you have to consider East Hamilton Radio located at 1325 Barton Street East in Hamilton. Call 905-549-3581 – come by and prepare yourself for an aural – and visual feast bar none!