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East Hamilton Radio, (E.H.R.) has been a popular choice with customers from near and far for years. Striving to bring you the best in audio visual and technology solutions for your home, office, shop, car or even your boat or RV, if there is a way to provide you with superior technology at affordable prices, you’ll find it in this centrally-located superstore.

While temperatures most mornings these days have been downright chilly and often uncomfortable, regardless of the time of year, E.H.R. wants you to know that they can help you make your morning or evening commute a little more comfortable – regardless of the time of year. remote starter expertly installed by a factory-certified Automotive Electronics Accessory Technician ensures that any and all automobile warranties remain intact. With many years of collective experience, you can rest assured that these skilled techs fully understand automotive electronic circuitry and how to work safely with it.

When E.H.R. installs your new remote car starter, you receive superior and attentive personal service and with the range of devices available, they’ll discuss your needs and recommend a unit that works best for your vehicle – and your budget.

While it’s true that these devices have come a long way since first introduced, advances continue to be made to ensure that any remote interaction with your car, minivan, light truck or SUV allows you to interact seamlessly.

During the winter months, warm up your car’s interior and engine prior to driving away or, once the mercury climbs and the inside of your vehicle is actually hotter than the outside, your air-conditioning can cool things off.

Were you aware that some remote starters can even alert you if the car’s locks and security systems are being tampered with and allow you to set off the car’s alarm remotely!

With the added convenience of a remote starter, you will have enough extra time each morning to enjoy one more coffee while reviewing your daughter’s homework and later, will arrive at your son’s soccer practice cool and relaxed.

In the market to upgrade any electronics or entertainment system in your personal environment? Now’s the time to visit East Hamilton Radio located at 1325 Barton Street East in Hamilton. Call (905) 549-3581.