Full sound from compact Bose Bluetooth/wireless speakers

bluetooth_speakerHave you ever made a road trip on a pleasant Sunday and pulled over in a small town, purchased some fresh pastries, some coffee and headed over to a local park to relax and enjoy the moment? Of course you have, and so have the professionals at East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.). Have there not been moments when you thought that the whole experience might be enhanced with some soft background music?

Today, there is no need to spoil the ambience of the occasion by attempting to create the appropriate mood via the tiny speakers in your smartphone or worse yet, opening your car doors and playing your favourite tunes on the in-vehicle entertainment system – potentially draining your vehicle’s battery and then making the moment even more memorable, but for all the wrong reasons since you ran down your vehicle’s battery necessitating a call to the auto club.

Now, you have options. Compact, colourful and sophisticated options, at that!

Come on down to E.H.R. and let them demonstrate to you the amazing clarity from Bose and their line of wireless speakers.

Discover for yourself just how versatile – and practical – either one of the three models available can be. Talk about versatile, too! Small and lightweight, you can take them anywhere – and they would never be considered invasive – unless of course, you have them blasting death metal while picnicking at your youngest kids t-ball game.

All three Bose models are Bluetooth compatible. Bluetooth speakers are external speakers which can hyperlink to your smartphone or tablet – in fact, any compatible Bluetooth-enabled device.

A Bluetooth speaker is wireless and completely portable and may be brought with you wherever you go. Bring it along to the park and appreciate your favourite music in addition to nature.

Want to listen to your favourite podcast of music on the go, then you have to consider East Hamilton Radio for Bose wireless speakers. Located at 1325 Barton Street East in Hamilton. Call 905-549-3581 – come by and prepare yourself for an aural treat – bar none!