Curved TVs aren’t just a passing fade – they’re here to stay

The buzz around curved TVs has continued to gain in popularity, and many disbelievers are now realizing that the technology is here to stay.

So what are the advantages to a curved TV? As you go about your day, you don’t perceive the world around you as a “flat” view. Your peripheral vision allows you to see the view around you. This view is what a curved TV replicates, which allows you to feel more immersed in what you’re watching.  Simply put – a curved screen increases your viewing experience.

While most manufactures have a curved series, Samsung and LG continue to be at the forefront of curved TVs. Samsung’s curved TVs (available from 40 to 84 inches), also come with an auto depth enhancer which dramatically increased the feeling of depth when watching the screen. It works by splitting each frame into areas – background, centre, and front. By analyzing the similarity of the brightness and colour, it automatically optimizes the contras levels of each area to give you a greater feeling of depth.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, but you’re not quite sure if there truly is a difference with a curved TV, take a trip to East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.).You’ll be able to compare TVs side by side. This will allow you to truly appreciate the difference. Once you see the immersive experience for yourself, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.