Come and be blown away by E.H.R.’s showroom experience

What’s the difference between a box store and an independent retailer? Well for starters, big box stores regularly have a hard time finding and retaining friendly staff.  Product knowledge is another huge difference. Imagine walking into your local cookie cutter box store that sells electronics and finding a sales clerk who can answer your questions:

“Can you tell me the difference between these two models?”

“Does it really sound different?”

“Why is the curved TV really a better option?”

But the best advantage that East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) has over the box store competition is the showroom experience that they offer. You won’t find any static TVs sitting on a shelf or stereo equipment that isn’t plugged in, calibrated, and turned on. To truly make an educated decision, you need to be able to see the difference for yourself. Whether it’s sitting down and listening to the system you’re considering to purchase or you’re comparing TV models and technology.

E.H.R.’s audio and visual experts know that they can’t sell the products and be helpful to customer, if they don’t know what they’re selling. Whichever major manufacturer you’re looking for, E.H.R. has the equipment set up. From Sony, Samsung, Bose, Panasonic, Paradigm, Klipsch, Pioneer, LG and many more, building strong relationships with manufactures and customers is what the E.H.R. experience is all about.

If you’re looking to make an educated purchase or just browsing, stop by and visit E.H.R.’s multiple sound rooms, theaters, headphone zone, vinyl zone, speaker displays, and much more. You’re sure to be blown away by everything the store has to offer.