A life on the ocean wave – marine audio/video solutions!

marine_speakersThe marine specialists at East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) can come to your dock or marina bay or boats can even be accommodated at E.H.R.’s installation bays to make your boat ready to entertain. Check first regarding size – just in case!

Much like in your home or cottage, there are many product choices and options for your listening – and if you wish, viewing pleasure. Talk with one of E.H.Rs marine experts and they can design an actual system for you. All with value and affordability in mind – as well as performance.

These days, there may even be an opportunity to create a WiFi hot spot on your boat so when you are docked overnight, you can watch a movie via a service such as Netflix or even listen to your favourite music via a music streaming service. Home-away-from-home!

An E.H.R. marine specialist can visit a customer’s boat to assess the best approach for onboard audio and/or video. The basic audio system will start with a head unit which provides AM, FM, CD, mp3 and iPod/iPad capabilities – or something compatible with Google’s Android system if you’re not an Apple fan. Depending on the length and size of a boat, the system can include as few as two speakers right up to multiple speakers, amplifiers and sub-woofers.

While maintaining the sound quality of indoor speakers, marine speakers need to withstand splashing water and poor weather conditions. The weather-proof speakers are either coated in plastic or made largely from plastic materials that can stand up to a marine environment. Location of the speakers is important since it depends on the boat’s style so you can get the best sound where and when you need it.

Whether you’re a weekend boater or someone who likes to embark on a month long voyage, the marine specialists at East Hamilton Radio can help you determine the right equipment to make your boating experience perfect. Located at 1325 Barton Street East in Hamilton. Call 905-549-3581.