Winter is coming – is your car ready?

When the days grow shorter and the light dwindles, its inevitable cold and snowy mornings will follow. Winter is coming – is your car ready? Instead of trudging through the snow to start your car to help defrost your frozen windshield, why not opt to add a remote car starter to your vehicle? Imagine pushing a button to start your car from your kitchen while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Fifteen minutes later when you’re ready to leave for work, your car will be toasty and warm, and you won’t need to scrap the ice away.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a remote car starter, visit us at East Hamilton Radio. If you’re worried about your vehicle’s warranty – don’t be. It is possible to install a remote starter without voiding the warranty on the vehicle. To keep the warranty intact you will need to have the remote starter installed by a government certified Automotive Electronics Accessory Technician, which all of our certified technician at E.H.R. are.

Some remote starts allow you to start your car from as far as 1,200 to 1,500 feet away from the vehicle, while others feature two-way technology that allows the remote and car to communicate with each other so the remote will display when the car has started.  There are also models that will let you start your car from a smart phone, which allows you to start your car from anywhere, as long as you have a phone signal.