What to choose when upgrading your car’s audio system

A big booming bass system isn’t necessarily what a car audio system is all about. Improving on the standard equipment will enhance sound with upgraded speakers and a receiver.

Adding a multi channel amplifier, replacing the front and rear speakers and adding an in-dash CD player will complete the puzzle.

What makes cars boom out the bass is the subwoofer system. Some people, especially younger car audio enthusiasts want to emphasize the bass. It’s a component of the system that normally should channel from 25 to 30 per cent of the sound.

East Hamilton Radio (E.H.R.) offers every size speaker on the market from several different major manufacturers. E.H.R. also offers installation for everything they sell. While it is possible to install your own system, trusting the professionals is a much wiser decision because the work is guaranteed and if a certified professional does the installation; your vehicles warranty will remain intact. Up to 20 vehicles can be accommodated in the E.H.R. installation facility.

If you’re thinking of selling your vehicle, make sure you keep the factory radio to put it back. You’ll likely want to move your upgraded audio system to your new vehicle unless the buyer is willing to pay a premium to keep it.

As the new receiver will typically be smaller than the factory radio, fillers are added to provide a custom fit and seamless appearance.