Road trip season is upon us

With the technology we have available to us these days, many of us find it difficult to leave our audio, video and gaming consoles behind when we go on a spring road trip. But it is also because of this technology that we don’t have to do that anymore.

Gone are the days of making mixed tapes to bring on road trips. Today we can simply plug in our pre-loaded iPod to a docking station and not only do we have all of our favourite music with us, but we can even have some of our favourite television shows and movies right at our finger tips, too.

Smart phones and mp3 players have done an amazing job of allowing us to take our media with us when we travel, enabling us to use the technology we’ve already invested in not just in the car, but at the cottage, on an airplane and even in the boat. A 12 volt dock can be used in a car, RV and on many boats to access your music library instantly.

If you’ve got kids that aren’t satisfied with a little car ride karaoke, E.H.R. can add a PS2, Game Boys and other entertainment devices to a rear entertainment system that can also allow the kids to watch their favourite DVDs on the road trip.