How to clean your ear buds

Your ear buds are going to get grimy, but we don’t need to go into the gross details. What we can do is tell you how to clean them to ensure the best audio performance. A small amount of debris can cause the sound to fade.

First things first – don’t submerge them in water to clean them. Follow these tips to clean your ear buds.

  • Remove the earbuds from your electronic device to avoid the risk of shock.
  • Use sterilized wipes to gently wipe any debris off ear buds.
  • If there’s a lot of dirt or earwax, use a dry toothbrush to gently brush them off.
  • Some earbuds have removable and replaceable silicone covers – remove them and clean them separately. If the covers are degrading, you can purchase replacement ones.

So next time you pull your earbuds out, stop and take a look before you throw them in your bag. A little bit of spring cleaning will keep your music sounding great, while also eliminating harmful bacteria that may cause ear infections.