Listen to your car

You can enjoy the same sound quality in your car that your home audio system pumps out but not from the stock system provided by the auto manufacturer.

A custom system elevates the sound from the drab stock system and cranks it up to high end quality. It’s possible to bring the sound quality up to the standard of a home audio system. A custom car audio system definitely pumps up the bass.

The system you chose will depend on your needs, wants and your budget. Your purchase, guided by an experienced salesperson, is followed by professional installation. Younger customers tend to want to showcase their sound equipment while others prefer a “stealth installation” that keeps everything hidden from prying eyes. A custom stereo can be installed to make it look stock.

For the younger crowd our installers can dress up the interior with suede headliners and panels on the doors. The receiver can be highlighted and installed in a custom mount on the dashboard. He explains that the radio is also easier to use in this position.

The trunk is where the flash happens. All of the bells and whistles are concealed until the trunk is open to reveal special effect lighting, painted and suede panels and some heavy hardware.