Bluetooth technology makes driving safer

Since the implementation of Bill 118 by the Ontario Government, it is illegal to speak on a wireless hand-held device while operating a motor vehicle in Ontario. It’s also the law in several other provinces and states.

To avoid a hefty ticket and to keep your passengers safe, a Bluetooth device that’s compatible to your phone may the right choice. There are many ways to incorporate Bluetooth as a wireless technology into your vehicle.  It can be as simple as installing an add-on rearview mirror with speakers built in. Or you can install a system that integrates with your factory audio system, having the output go through your existing speakers.

All installation at E.H.R. is done onsite by mobile electronics certified professionals. This means that all factory warranties on the car will still be valid when the installation is done.

The differences between Bluetooth systems are vast. From displays to how you answer a call, each technology offers different options. Stop by the store to see what cellular Bluetooth speakers are right for you.